What is a Spiritual Bouquet?

Spiritual bouquets are a beautiful Catholic tradition of presenting prayers or acts of charity, mercy or devotion that someone has or will offer for someone else. These gifts can be given from an individual or group to express joy, sorrow, or best wishes – often in commemoration of a special occasion.

What can be included?

Any prayers or offerings can be included in a spiritual bouquet, for example:

  • Attending Mass
  • Praying the Rosary
  • Completing a novena (nine days of prayer)
  • Spending time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • An act of kindness
  • An act of charity
  • Sacrificing on behalf of another

How to express a spiritual bouquet

A spiritual bouquet message can be as simple as writing a note letting someone know what has been offered up for them. Your card should include the sender’s name and the number of times each offering was or will be done.

Example text:

  • “With love and gratitude, I offer you a “spiritual bouquet” of the following…”
  • “The following prayers/devotional acts have been offered up for your intentions…”
  • “I have offered prayers/devotional acts as a “spiritual bouquet” in your honor.”

How do I present my spiritual bouquet?

Be creative! This special gift can be commemorated and presented in many ways, but the best way is dependent on the receiver and the occasion for the bouquet. Traditionally it is given in the form of a card letting the person know what prayers or devotional acts have been offered up for them.

Your spiritual bouquet can be included as a card along with a birthday or Christmas gift, or as part of a prayer package for someone grieving or in need of healing prayers. You can include your bouquet on a tag for a physical bouquet of flowers.

Crafty ideas include creating a “bouquet” out of paper, with a devotional act written on each paper flower. A quick internet search can result in many craft examples and templates for paper flowers.

Imagine the joy you will give someone with a beautiful spiritual bouquet! Because what greater gift can we offer than our prayers and acts of love?