October is the Month of the Rosary

The month of October each year is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary. This is primarily due to the liturgical Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated annually on October 7. This feast was instituted to honor the Blessed Mother in gratitude for the protection that she gives the Church in answer to the praying of the rosary by the faithful.

You can celebrate with us by:

  • Visiting our Gift Shop in October for discounts on all rosary items. Gift Shop hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10am-3pm.
  • Joining us on October 1 to pray the rosary during the Knights of Columbus Pilgrimage in the Mothers’ Shrine
  • Spending time with our Blessed Mother by praying the rosary each day during October
  • Exploring our Rosary page to find resources to support you in your prayer life