Mary’s Helper: Alvina Allis

Visitors to the gift shop at the Mothers’ Shrine are likely to have met the smiling face of one of our outstanding volunteers, Alvina Allis!

Alvina has volunteered for about eight years in the gift shop, including when it was “across the road” (its original location across the driveway from its current location adjacent to the office). Alvina assumed the role of gift shop volunteer scheduler about two years ago and often volunteers extra days when others are out of town or unavailable.

Alvina gets “so excited” when people come in, and her joy overflows into her hospitality and graciousness as she welcomes the guests and wraps up their purchases with loving care.

During quiet times, Alvina likes to pray the rosary while she waits for visitors, or willingly “does the dusting” or “sweeps the floor” preparing for the pilgrims to come. The Mothers’ Shrine thanks Alvina Allis for her years of dedicated service and invites everyone to visit the gift shop Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 3 pm and after most weekend Masses, March through December.