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Creating Catholic Experiences in Motherhood

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Jenna Mayo B 57

Meet Jenna

Jenna Mayo is a mom of 3 daughters, wife, Catholic Speaker, Professional Coach, triathlete and avid skier. Jenna leads from the stage, phone, and video calls empowering and emboldening individuals to find their path forward guided by their Catholic faith.  

Jenna’s Mission is to “teach others how to live the life they dream and not the one they are told they have to live.” 

She specializes in Executive Leadership Coaching and Catholic Faith Based Executive Coaching. Jenna has cultivated her skills through more than 2,500 hours of professional coaching individuals across the world and more than 500 hours of keynote speaking.  

 Jenna will invite us to visualize and live out virtue and value in the midst of the chaos of the modern world.