By Kathy Sweeney | September 13, 2020

Lord God in Jesus’ name I ask for blessings of continued health, strength, and wellness for the son in my womb. Lord God I ask You Lord Jesus to have mercy on him and I blessing him to be free of all chromosomal disorders and free from disabilities of any kind. Continue please Lord to…


By Kathy Sweeney | September 12, 2020

subject to false accusing and cheating by co workers and management way to overcome it urgently find another suitbale job fair pay and timmings


By Kathy Sweeney | September 11, 2020

Pray please I am given the 12 month leave paid under the circumstances by that one who stepped in briefly as I’m too tired to work there and need to rest and take care of myself and own family further for long and fair that is since my own money is really. Pray please they…

Jerin Kumar Fernando

By Kathy Sweeney | September 11, 2020

A’s good health

Krishna Baburaj

By Kathy Sweeney | September 10, 2020

Please pray for me for securing good rank in upcoming Medical entrance (India) examination in 13 september to get MBBS admission to Government Medical College Kerala


By Kathy Sweeney | September 10, 2020

i am preparing for neet entrance exam from last 2 years.this is my last exam is on 13th sep 2020 [coming sunday] from 2pm to 5pm [indian time].pls pray for me to get more than 700 marks in exam and to get admission in AIIMS,delhi best medical collage in INDIA.

Jarlet Misquitta

By Kathy Sweeney | September 9, 2020

For A baby who has facial paralysis


By Kathy Sweeney | September 8, 2020

True Lord, Jesus, heal the image of myself that I may walk in holy boldness and confidence who I am. Specifically, True Lord, Jesus, grant that I walk under Thy Lordship/Kingship in Thy authority of how much You truly love me. Reveal what You have written in the book of life for me and that…

binu thomas

By Kathy Sweeney | September 7, 2020

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Please pray for peaceful settlement of our court case involving four christian families. Next date of final hearing is on 11.09.2020. I seek this blessing through intercession of Mother Mary on the occasion of Mother Mary’s Birthday on 08.09.2020.


By Kathy Sweeney | September 7, 2020

Please pray for me that I qualify NET JRF this attempt with god’s blessings and mother Mary’s intercession Thank you Amen